PUPP E132: Nate Williams

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We’ve got a first time offender on deck Platoon! One half of Night #2's feature bout of Caged Aggression XXVII: Return of the Champions, Nate Williams joins Caged Aggression MMA Announcer Jason Vargas for this week's BIG conversation and they don't get any bigger than this!

Nate and Jason open with a new edition of #Triggered, then they talk about some of the highs and not so highs of his storied, colorful career. Plus, find out what this match up against Eric “Showtime” Shelton means to him and Nate’s take on Eric’s last outing. Plus part 2 of Whiteout Warrior of the Month featuring Jesse “Big Rig” Hannam and a fresh edition of Inside the Fights covering the bout of Lane McIntyre vs. Brandt Cooper.

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