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This week's episode kicks-off with Richard Neal, the international man of mystery responsible for bringing a handful of Caged Aggression competitors together to represent the United States later this year at a Muay Thai event. Richard talks a little about the event and why he chose the athletes he did.

We then shift focus to 2 of those athletes that will also be competing at Caged Aggression 27: Return of the Champions March 27th and 28th at the River Center in Davenport, IA. Kevin Burke drops in to bring us up to speed on life and his decision to take another amateur fight before turning pro, and last but not least, Kaedin Harmon shares his thoughts on his big match up and what each of these mean for him and his very young but exciting career.

Plus, we debut an all-new segment to The Pearled Up Podcast Presents of Inside The Fights : Caged Aggression XXVII where Andy Hayes takes a deep look at the backstory and statistical analysis leading-up to the heavyweight showdown between Graham Smith and Ryan Delf. And, finally, we listen back to part 2 of Whiteout Warrior of the Month featuring Jesse “Big Rig” Hannam, courtesy of Whiteout Promotions. We're back, it's loaded, prime and blast - get your weekly pearls on The Pearled Up Podcast!

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