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Pearled Up Presents:

On the ‘official’ wrap-up show for Caged Aggression XXI: The Champions, Jason sits down with Zack Micklewright, Levi Kilroy, Brandon Sagraves and Jordin Hinman all lend some of their precious time to us and we make the most of it!

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For those of you stopping on the website and are attempting to access the live stream, it’s currently undergoing extensive maintenance. As it is, we want to provide you with a fully-programmed network, rather than just a continuous loop of never-ending music. This station was designed to be much more than that.

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Priding ourselves as pioneers of the open-format Internet radio station, here at the Edgewise Radio Network we allow our DJs and programmers to hand-select the music they wish to play for their audience without any genre restrictions!


We’ve always talked about sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and MMA on Edgewise Radio. But, this time around, we are taking it a step further by incorporating sports-related audio programming into our weekly format!


Whether it’s comics, superhero cinematic universes, sci-fi, pro wrestling, space aliens, ghosts, crypto-zoology, or the latest streaming-binge, we embrace our nerdom here at the Edgewise Radio Network and include it in the format!

Help Us. Help You.

Do you have an idea for a show, but you don't want to jump through all of the expensive hoops necessary to establish a legal means of broadcasting? Do you already have a show that you are looking to reach a wider and more diverse audience? Were you caught-up in the dispute between ASCAP and StreamLicensing and now you don't have a home? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, we might be able to help you, and you might be able to help us.

Program Schedule

From the many hand-picked daily rotations, to the wide-variety of evening programs based-on comedy, sports, music, and other entertainment, it’s always a smooth move to stay current with the Edgewise Radio Network programming schedule because you just never know what’s coming-up!

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